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The National Film Institute operates through its departments, covering its diverse functions, including project development, funding, training, international sales.


Hungarian Filmlab Department

The Filmlab has been providing post-production services for over 60 years. Numerous award-winning Hungarian and international films completed at its facility attest to the reliability and professionality of our team.

The Filmlab combine purely digital procedures with digital intermediate and traditional laboratory services in a well synchronized system. The Filmlab offers full range of on-set and studio services for the shooting period, for all kinds of camera formats.

There are several Avid editing workstations, Baselight and DaVinci color correction systems and a Dolby certified screening room with a 4K Christie cinema projector. In the laboratory department 16 and 35 mm, colour and black and white negative processing is available, as well as the production of 35 mm prints.

The Filmlab has done the analogue and digital restoration of hundreds of classics. Among others, the Filmlab worked on Son of Saul (Cannes Grand Prix, Golden Globe, Oscar) and On Body and Soul (Berlinale Golden Bear).

Head of the Filmlab Department

László Aradi



Film Archive Department

The Film Archive (founded in 1957) preserves more than 70 000 items. The main goal of the Film Archive is to preserve, restore and screen all Hungary related materials.

One can find footage of the Chain Bridge filmed by the Lumière brothers back in 1896 or the early works of great names such as Michael Curtiz, the Korda brothers, André De Toth and Vilmos Zsigmond – outstanding figures of Hollywood who started their careers in Hungary. Hungary’s entire film production of over 26 000 items including newsreels, documentaries and movies is kept and, if needed, restored in the archives. Foreign films released in Hungary are also kept, and copies are lent to educational institutions and film clubs.

Within the framework of the National Digital Film Restoration Programme (launched in 2017) the Film Archive digitizes and restores 25 films a year, in cooperation with the Filmlab and the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers (HSC).

In 2017, the Film Archive started to organise the Budapest Classics Film Marathon, the annual festival presenting restored Hungarian classics alongside rarities from the world film heritage.


Head of the Film Archive Department:

György Ráduly



Financial Department

The financial department is responsible for handling all acquisitions, public procurements, end-to-end accounting, financial tasks and payroll calculations. This directorate is responsible for managing the administrative and financial tasks concerning the deposit account; it concludes the disbursement contracts with those depositing and those applying for disbursal. It is also responsible for disbursement. Above the aforementioned roles, it is the duty of the financial department to handle the incoming applications, including checking the formal requirements, handling the process for incomplete applications and proposing the complete applications to the Decision Making Board, in cooperation with the fellow departments who are in charge of the professional evaluation.

Head of Financial Department

Erika Gregorné Tóth



International and Sales Department

The international department is responsible for the global representation, festival presence and sales of Hungarian films as well as their attendance to non-commercial events. With its extensive network, this department supports international coproductions, film shootings, participates in concluding international contracts and endorses Hungarian film industry representatives. It represents Hungary at international organizations, such as Eurimages or European Film Promotion.

Head of International and Sales Department

Csaba Bereczki



Legal Department

The legal department is responsible for the National Film Institute’s legal and regulatory tasks, is involved in preparing and executing the decisions from a legal aspect and reviews the contract This directorate tracks the regulatory laws and participates in their modifications and is in contact with the governmental organization of the film funding system.

The Location Office falls under the legal department too; its primary role is to manage the use of public places and real estates for film production purposes (including administrative tasks, handling the authorities etc.).

Head of the Legal Department

Dr. Balázs Csepely


Head of Location Office

Dr. Béla Bottyán



MAFILM Department

This department provides services including studio-, set-, wardrobe-, props- and weapon rentals. It also operates the studio sites in Fót and Budapest and handles their lease.

Head of MAFILM Department

Ildikó Andrea Ottinger



Production Department

The production department handles the incoming applications for project development, production and support for special projects and proposes them to the Decision Making Board with their professional recommendation. In case of favourable decision, the department evaluates the application documents from a production perspective and continuously monitors the realization of the project and controls it from a professional and financial aspect.

Head of Production Department

Ákos Pesti



Script Development Department

Consists of experienced screenwriters and dramaturgs. The primary role of the department is to provide professional support to writers who received funding for script development. The department is also involved in proposing the decisions to the Board, as well as the development and execution of the professional programs.

Head of Script Development Department

Tibor Fonyódi



Training Department

The Film Institute is strongly committed to developing the local film industry as a whole. In order to increase the competitiveness of the domestic film production the Film Institute has launched the Film Training Program in 2016 with the primary aim of eliminating the skill shortage currently present in many areas and to offer various training possibilities to film professionals and to make way to new entrants.
In September 2017, the Training Department kicked off its operation with the Fast Forward Program, a unique set of workshops targeting several areas of the industry. The pilot year offers film marketing, distribution, film business, scripter, script writing, directing, post-production, pitching, co-producing in Europe, acting (coaching), editing, producing etc. workshops held by internationally recognized experts.

Head of the Training Department

Eszter Lányi