Bartos Family – Private Hungary 1.

Hungarian documentary, bw, 1988, dir: Péter Forgács, Subtitles: Hungarian, 60’


09.15. 20:30
Toldi Small Hall

Directed by Péter Forgács
Director of photography: Péter Forgács
Music by Tibor Szemző
Genre: documentary

Bartos Family is part 1 of Péter Forgács’s Private Hungary series. The film was put together from the bequest of amateur filmmaker Zoltán Bartos who shot footage of his family, home and holidays from the late 1920s to the middle of the 1950s. Pictures show members of the Bartos family, holidays and celebrations, life in Budapest and the countryside. The astonishing archive recordings not only capture personal stories but they are also an imprint of an entire era, in the background of which one can discern the outlines of historical drama. Gábor Bódy and Péter Tímár’s Private History, which can be seen in the programme alongside Bartos Family, was an important precursor to the film.

Introduction by Péter Forgács, director

Supporting film: Private History