The Lost Grandpa

Hungarian documentary, 2018, dir: Márton Kurutz, István Borsody, Language: Hungarian, Subtitles: English, 50’


09.15. 19:00
Toldi Small Hall

Directed by Márton Kurutz, István Borsody
Screenplay by Kurutz Márton, Borsody István
Director of photography: Sándor Kiss, Soma Kiss
Cast: Róbert Bárány, Márton Kurutz
Genre: documentary

In 1996, several dusty film reels turn up in the attic of a house in Budapest. Not much is known about the origin of the film. All the finders remember is that a colleague of the now deceased head of the family entrusted him with several reels during the Second World War. Later it transpires that the colleague, who was deported, was a gifted amateur filmmaker and the collection is his, Richárd Deutsch’s legacy. For decades, the filmmaker’s family and his heirs cannot be found. Twenty years later, however, a man shows up who claims that it was his grandfather who shot the films. This documentary is a fascinating record of investigative work in which, with the help of the reels and digital archives, the story of a Budapest Jewish family in the 20th century unfolds in front of the audience.

Introduction by Márton Kurutz director.