A Breath of Scandal

Italian-American drama, colour, 1960, dir: Michael Curtiz, Language: English, Subtitles: Hungarian, 97’


09.18. 14:45
Toldi Main Hall

Directed by Michael Curtiz
Screenplay by Karl Schneider, Walter Bernstein, Ring Lardner Jr.
Director of photography: Mario Montuori
Music by Alessandro Cicognini
Cast: Sophia Loren, Maurice Chevalier, John Gavin
Genre: romance, comedy

Austria, 1907. Princess Olympia has been banished to the countryside for scandalous behaviour. The timely arrival of a young American intrigues the bored princess. However, on returning to court she finds she has to maintain her reputation because she has been betrothed to the prince of Prussia. The situation is further complicated by the appearance of the American, to whom the unwritten rules of society and the powerplays of the royal court are a closed book. He is only interested in finding the girl he has fallen in love with. Mihály Kertész directed one of his last films based on Ferenc Molnár’s stage play Olympia again in a European location after three decades spent in Hollywood studios.