The Lost One

Der Verlorene, West-German crime film, bw, 1951, dir: Peter Lorre, Language: german, Subtitles: Hungarian, English, 98’


09.16. 15:15
Toldi Main Hall

Directed by Peter Lorre
Screenplay by Axel Eggebrecht, Peter Lorre, Benno Vigny
Director of photography: Václav Vích
Music by Willy Schmidt-Gentner
Cast: Peter Lorre, Karl John, Helmuth Rudolph, Johanna Hofer, Renate Mannhardt, Eva Ingeborg Scholz, Gisela Trowe
Genre: crime

Dr. Neumeister is working as a doctor in a refugee camp after the Second World War, where one day his former assistant arrives under the assumed name of Nowak. Their story actually began a few years earlier when under their real names, as Dr. Rothe and Hösch, they worked in a Nazi-backed laboratory. Hösch was also working as a spy for intelligence and one day he confronted the doctor with the fact that his fiancée was leaking the results of the experiments to the enemy. After two decades (and a world war) spent in Hollywood, Peter Lorre returned to Germany to make this dark and oppressive movie similar to M, in which he is credited as writer, director and actor.

Introduction by Ellen Harrington, director of Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, Frankfurt