Young Medardus

Der junge Medardus, Austrian historical film, 1923, dir: Michael Curtiz, silent,  Intertitles: French, Subtitles: Hungarian, English 109’


09.18. 17:00
French Institute

Directed by Michael Curtiz
Screenplay by Arthur Schnitzler (play), Ladislaus Vajda
Director of photography: Gustav Ucicky, Eduard von Borsody
Cast: Anny Hornik, Mari Hegyesi, Egon von Jordan, Mihail Xantho, Franz Glawatsch, Gyula Szöreghy, Josef König, Lajos Réthey, Ágnes Eszterházy
Genre: history

In this silent movie by Mihály Kertész, the fates of two families intertwine in Vienna occupied by the troops of Napoleon: tragic relations link the dethroned French Valois family and members of the patriotic bourgeois Klähr family. The true love of Marquis Valois and Agathe Klähr cannot be, while the relationship of Helene Valois and Medardus Klähr is fuelled sometimes by hatred and sometimes by passion. Meanwhile, huge historical events are unfolding in the background: Napoleon’s army is battering on the gates of the city. In this monumental film by Kertész made during his time in Vienna the title role is played by Mihály Várkonyi and he is joined by other Hungarians Ágnes Eszterházy, Lajos Réthey and Gyula Szöreghy. Based on the play by Schnitzler, the screenplay is the work of László Vajda.

Cineconcert, with live piano by Elaine Loebenstein

35mm screening