The Undesirable

Hungarian drama, 1914, dir: Mihály Kertész, silent, Intertitles: Hungarian, Subtitles: English, French, 63’


09.16. 19:30
Szent István square

Directed by Mihály Kertész
Written by Ede Tóth
Screenplay by Jenő Janovics
Director of photography: László Fekete
Music by Attila Pacsay
Cast: Lili Berky, Mihály Várkonyi, Mari Jászai, Andor Szakács, Gyula Nagy, Mariska Simon, István Szentgyörgyi, Aladár Ihász, Kató Berky
Genre: drama

The story of the innocent maid accused of theft, deported and in her despair preparing to commit suicide was cinematically depicted by Mihály Kertész (who later became worldfamous as Michael Curtiz) employing attractive off-set locations and parallel montage technique. This is the only surviving film showing the acting of Mari Jászai, a monumental figure in Hungarian theatre. The folk theatre adaptation filmed in the picturesque Transylvanian landscape and involving extras dressed in the magnificent local peasant costumes was made in Cluj-Napoca, at the Proja film factory founded by Jenő Janovics. Attila Pacsay composed the incidental music.

Open-air screening, Cineconcert by the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra

Introduction by Attila Pacsay composer, and Márton Kurutz Manager of the Collections and Research Department, National Film Institute – Film Archive, Hungary