Watch on the Rhine

American drama, bw, 1943, dir: Herman Shumlin, Language: English, German, Subtitles: Hungarian, 114’


09.16. 15:30
Uránia Main Hall

Directed by Herman Shumlin
Screenplay by Dashiell Hammett, Lillian Hellman
Director of photography: Merritt B. Gerstad
Music by Max Steiner
Cast: Bette Davis, Paul Lukas, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Lucile Watson
Genre: drama

Our very own Pál Lukács, a.k.a. Paul Lukas, speaks English with a wonderful Central European accent. He won an Oscar for his role as a German anti-fascist – to this day he is the only actor born in Hungary to have collected this Academy Award. Kim Carnes had a pop hit about the eyes of Bette Davis who plays the wife of Lukas’s character. Davis, the greatest tragedienne after Garbo, sensitively portrays an American woman concerned about her husband but trusting in his honour. One of the biggest American thriller writers, Dashiel Hammett (who participated in the development of the film as screenwriter), upped the excitement factor by weaving a complex plot following the appearance of the mysterious Romanian Teck.

35mm screening