Hungarian animated film, 1983, dir: József Nepp, Language: Hungarian, Subtitles: English, 93’


09.18. 16:45
Toldi Main Hall

Directed by József Nepp
Screenplay by József Nepp
Director of photography: Irén Henrik
Music by Tamás Deák
Cast (voice): Ferenc Kállai, János Körmendi, Ilona Béres, Judit Halász, István Sztankay, Gyula Szombathy
Genre: animation

József Nepp's first full-length animation is a parodic remake of the traditional tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The little princess is a brawny oversized teenager and the dwarfs are named after the days of the week.

Supporting film: Commercials made by Gyula Macskássy using Gasparcolor technology