Singing Makes Life Beautiful

Hungarian musical comedy, 1950, dir: Márton Keleti, Language: Hungarian, Subtitles: English, 95’


09.18. 20:30
Toldi Small Hall

Directed by Márton Keleti
Screenplay by István Békeffy, Tibor Méray
Director of photography: Barnabás Hegyi
Music by Ferenc Farkas , Novikov Alekszandr, Béla Tardos, Ferenc Erkel, Lajos Bárdos, Ferenc Szabó 
Cast: Imre Soós, Ferenc Ladányi, Violetta Ferrari, Kálmán Latabár,  Samu Balázs, Imre Pongrácz, János Gálcsiki
Genre: musical, comedy

In bygone days the Ezüstlant (Silver Lute) workers’ choir of the Vác machine factory was a big name on the choral scene, but times change and their songs no longer appeal to audiences. The younger members of the factory set up a rival choir under the leadership of Feri Torma and the two ensembles start competing. The rising conflict begins to threaten production at the works, while the situation is further complicated by the appearance of Swing Tóni who is crazy about music from the West. The movie is one of the first so-called ‘production films’ that followed mass nationalization in the country. Although its purpose was primarily the ideological education of the public, Márton Keleti, someone who was intimate with the genre of music, directed the story so as to make it genuinely entertaining. This was actress Violetta Ferrari’s first film and the punchlines of Kálmán Latabár, born 120 years ago this year, hit the mark.

Introduction by the student curators