Born in Budapest, Sándor Trauner, that is, Alexandre Trauner, was one of the most important set and production designers of the 20th century. He worked on approximately 80 films including legendary works of French lyrical Realism and blockbuster Hollywood productions. He made no fewer than ten films with Billy Wilder, who conquered Hollywood having similarly started out from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Marathon audiences get the chance to see a selection of this most fertile collaboration. Naturally, among the films is The Apartment packed with brilliant optical tricks, for which Trauner won an Oscar in 1961. In addition, there are also drama, comedy, romance, and costume film on the festival programme. Trauner was famous for handling huge stage sets and building anything, from the Paris metro to palaces of Antiquity, anywhere. His art was constructed on moods and illusions, not forgetting some humour, and his picturesque world still captivates audiences today.