Football of the Good Old Days

Régi idők focija, Hungarian comedy, colour, 1973, dir: Pál Sándor, Language: Hungarian, Subtitles: English, 79’


09.15. 20:00
Szent István square

Directed by Pál Sándor
Screenplay by Zsuzsa Tóth
Director of photography: Elemér Ragályi
Music by Zdenkó Tamássy
Cast: Dezső Garas, Tamás Major, László Márkus

Budapest, 1924. Ede Minarik, the obsessed laundryman, devotes all his spare time and money to his team, Csabagyöngyé, which is languishing in the second division; the purpose of his life is to lift the club into the premier league. He is faced with countless obstacles but Minarik never gives up, because as he puts it, “we need a team.” Pál Sándor’s cult classic made in the style of silent movies pays tribute both to oldtimer cinema and football. With his characterization of the little man chasing his dreams and always standing up after being knocked down, Dezső Garas created one of the masterful symbolic figures of Hungarian film.


Introduction by: director Pál Sándor

Supporting film: City Map