Ágnes Sós

Born in Budapest on 3rd April 1966. Graduated from the Hungarian University of Economics in 1989.

From 1990 until 2001 she worked as editor and director for the Hungarian National Television (MTV). She has been making documentaries since 1991, first for the television, than she became her producer as well.  She has made about 20 documentary feature films and 15 short documentaries. Her documentary works have won several important prizes in Hungary and abroad.
Speaks German, French & English.



1998-2000 - … van a börtön, babám / …and there is the Prison,  Honey (81’)
Kamera Hungaria Film festival: Special Award, Go-East Film festival

1993-2002 - Tőkések vagyunk, vagy mi / So What, We are Capitalists (70’)
Hungarian  Film Week, Cluj FF

2002-2005 – Akartam volna mutatni / I Just Wanted to Show You (48’)
FILM.DOK: Best Portrait, Award of the Student Experts, Art FF – Hungary: Main Prize

2003 - Teri nagyi / Grandmother Teri (56’)
35th Hungarian Film Week: Special Award, Award of the Student Experts, Special Award of the Hungarian Documentary Directors' Society, Neubrandenburg DOKUMENTART Film Festival

2007-2009 – Őrült szerelem ez / A Mad Love That Is (73’)
Hungarian Film Week

2004-2010 – Láthatatlan húrok – A tehetséges Pusker nővérek / Invisible Strings - The Talented Pusker Sisters (70’) 
Hot Docs International Film Festival, 42nd Hungarian Film Week: Best Documentary, Hungarian Film Critics' Prize, Krakow International Film Festival, Sarajevo FF, I Docs Beijing, EBS – Seoul, KameraTon, Batumi International FF, Verzió FF- Hungary, Plus CAMERIMAGE, EPOS-Tel Aviv, ZagrebDOX, Cinequest FF – San José: Main Prize, Dokuart - Croatia

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