András Dér
Graduated as a cinematographer from the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film Art in 1984. Between 1987 and 1989 member of the board of Béla Balázs Studio and in 1989 elected general secretary of the Hungarian Independent Film and Video Association.
Makes documentary, commercial, television and feature films. He made his first feature film, 'The Shadows of the Century' in 1992.


1981: The 424 Is Taking Off / Száll a 424-es (sf)
1986: Pretty Girls / Szépleányok (d) (with László Hartai)
1990: We Fought Our Battle / Harcunkat megharcoltuk (d)
1990: Siberian Summer / Szibériai nyár (d)
1991: White Poison / Fehér méreg (f / TV)
1992: The Shadows of the Century / Árnyékszázad
1995: The Auction / Parasztrondó (d)
1996: Ultra Renaissance / Ultrareneszánsz (d)
1998: Cross-Road / Keresztút (d / TV)
1998: Last Plot / Utolsó föld (d)
1998: Auntie Vilma's Budapest / Vilma néni Budapestje (d) (with Noémi Saly and Gyula Zeke)
1999: Tolna Songs / Tolnai-dalok (d / TV)
2002: Beyond the Bend / Kanyaron túl
2006: The Seven Deadly Sins (Are They Sins?) / A hét főbűn (Bűnök ezek?) (d)

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