András Jeles

Graduated in adult education and Hungarian Literature and Linguistics from the ELTE University. He started his film career as an amateur filmmaker. In 1974 he graduated in directing from the Academy of Performing Arts. He also got a diploma as a photographer. From 1974 he was assistant, then director at the Hungarian Film Production Company (Mafilm). In the seventies also worked for the Hungarian National Television.

He made his first feature film 'The First Fling' in 1979. In the eighties he founded an avantgarde theatre company called the "Monteverdi Wrestling Circle". Along his experimental films, the Béla Balázs Studio also made video recordings of these theatre performances.
His film 'Dream Brigade' made in 1983 was only released in 1989.


1969: This Is How It Will Run / Így fog leperegni (d)
1969: Audition / Meghallgatás (d)
1971: White Army / Fehér sereg (d)
1971: Fragment / Töredék (s)
1973: The Joy of Sunday / A vasárnap gyönyöre (s)
1974: The Wanderer / A vándor (d)
1974: Half Awake / Félálom (s)
1977: Be Good Forever / Légy jó mindhalálig (s/TV)
1979: Csokonai (f/TV) 1979: Montage / Montázs (d)
1979: The First Fling / A kis Valentino
1984: The Annunciation / Angyali üdvözlet
1985: Thalia’s Cart / Thália szekerén (s/TV)
1985: Wind Strom / Szélvihar
1986: The Realm of Smiles / A mosoly birodalma
1993: Why Wasn't He There? / Senkiföldje
2003: Joseph and his Brothers - Scenes from a Peasant Bible / József és testvérei - Jelenetek egy parasztbibliából

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