Attila Till

Graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in the Intermedia department.

His first feature film Pánik (Panic) premiered in 2008 at the Hungarian Film Week where it was recognized in a number of categories, and won the Best Actress Award. It appeared at a number of international festivals, including the Cairo IFF.
His first short film, Csicska (Beast), based on extended research and inspired by newspaper articles, and television news on the theme of modern-day slavery. This short was premiered in Cannes Directors' Fortnight 2011 and reaced over more then 100 festivals ended up with Best European Short film nomination by EFA.

Aside from his film work, he is one of the most recognized TV personalities in Hungary. In recent years, he has helped create numerous innovative cultural programs as well as hosting high-profile TV shows.
Tiszta szívvel (Kills on Wheels) is his second feature film.
1987-1991 Secondary School of  Fine Arts, Department of Painting
1995-2001 University of Fine Arts Budapest, Department of Intermedia, M.A. as Media Artist
Camera Hungaria, Best Reporter 1999
Voltfolio, Best Television Presenter 2003
Pulitzer Prize for the TV show Propaganda 2003
Media Gala, Best Presenter of the Year 2004
Camera Hungaria, Best Presenter 2005
Cool Brand Hungary, Advertising Award "The Coolest Mediapersonality" 2006

Media Plaza, short film, 12min, screening  in Kunsthalle Budapest in 2001
Space, short film, 8 min, screening in  Dunaújváros, Town Museum 2002,  Vienna, Academy of  Fine Arts 2003
Panic / Pánik, first feature film, 94 min, 2008
39th Hungarian Film Week: Best Actress: Ági Gubík, People's Choice Award, Student Jury Special Award for the dynamic visual imagery and the intelligent and witty representation of a relevant topic
Beast / Csicska, short film, 20 min, 2011
Kills on Wheels / Tiszta szívvel, feature film, 105 min, 2016

TV programmes
Múzsa / The Muse, cultural magazine, 1994-96 MTV
Menjünk / Let's go, program magazine 1996-97 TV3
72óra / 72 hours, cultural program 1997-2002 TV3, MTV
Propaganda 2002-2006 TV2
Big Brother 1-2, 2002-2003 TV2
Megasztár 1-2-3, 2003-2006 TV2
Dancing On Ice, 2007 TV2
Are You Smarter than a Fifht Grader?, 2007 TV2


Kills on WheelsDirector
Kills on WheelsScreenplay

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