Barna Kabay

He started studying to be an architect at the Budapest Technical University and graduated in film directing from the Academy of Performing Arts in 1973. Between 1972 and 1976 he made films for the Hungarian National Television and from 1974 was also working in an experimental workshop. During this time he collaborated with Imre Gyöngyössy. Between 1976 and 1980 he worked for the Hungarian Film Production Company. He made his first feature film, 'The Rabbit Stew' in 1975. Since 1978 he has been collaborating with Imre Gyöngyössy and later with Katalin Petényi. In 1980 he was one of the founders of the Társulás Studio, the first independent Hungarian film studio. Since 1982 he has been working as a producer, too and makes youth films and series with the largest European TV-companies and foundations.


1973: Giordano Bruno's Temptation / Giordano Bruno megkísértése (f / TV)
1973: Janus Pannonius / Janus Pannonius (sf / TV)
1975: The Rabbit Stew / Legenda a nyúlpaprikásról
1975: Memento I-IV. / Memento I-IV. (d / TV) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1976: Venice Biennale / Velencei biennale (d / TV) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1977: A Quite Ordinary Life / Két elhatározás (df) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1978: Cells with a View to the Sea / Tengerre néző cellák (f / TV) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1978: The Doctor / Orvos vagyok (d) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1979: The Pimp of the Mountain / Havasi selyemfiú (f / TV) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1979: Glimpses of Life / Töredék az életről (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1980: A Child Everyone Wanted / A gyerek, akire mindenki vágyott (sf / TV) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1981: People of the Puszta / Pusztai emberek (d) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1983: Job's Revolt / Jób lázadása (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1984: Yerma (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1985: Let You Inherit / Add tudtul fiadnak (d / TV) (with Imre Gyöngyössy and Katalin Petényi)
1987: Loan I-III / Loan I-III. (d / TV) (with Imre Gyöngyössy and Katalin Petényi)
1987: Boat People / Boat People (d) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1988: Circus on the Moon / Cirkusz a holdon (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1988: Brasil's Abandoned Children / Brazil utcagyerekek (d) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1989: Johnny, the Lucky One / Johnny, a szerencsés I-IV. (f / TV) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1990: Transylvania / Erdély (d) (with Katalin Petényi)
1991: 50 Years of Silence / 50 év hallgatás (d) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1990: Christians in Soviet Middle Asia / Keresztények Szovjet-Közép- Azsiában (d) (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1991: Homeless / Száműzöttek (with Imre Gyöngyössy and Katalin Petényi)
1992: Freedom of the Death / Holtak szabadsága (d) (with Imre Gyöngyössy and Katalin Petényi)
1994: Death in Shallow Water / Halál sekély vízben (with Imre Gyöngyössy)
1994: Europe is Far Away / Európa messze van (f / TV) (with Katalin Petényi)
1995: Exodus / Exodus (d) (with Katalin Petényi)
1997: In Memoriam Imre Gyöngyössy / In memoriam Gyöngyössy Imre (d) (with Katalin Petényi)
1998: From Sárvár to Leutstatten - Following the Wittelsbach / Sárvártól Leutstattenig - a Wittelsbachok nyomában (d) (with Katalin Petényi)
1999: Hippolyt
2000: Dream Car / Meseautó

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