Barnabás Tóth

Born 1977 in Strasbourg, Barnabás Tóth studied at the University of Film and Theater (Budapest). He wrote and directed two feature films, “Camembert Rose” (Rózsaszín sajt, 2009) and “Those Who Remained” (Akik maradtak, 2019). His recent short film "Chuchotage" (Susotázs, 2018) was shortlisted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the 2019 Academy Awards in Best Live Action Short category. His previous short film "My Guide" (Újratervezés, 2013) has been viewed over 1.8 million times on Vimeo, making it one of the most successful short films ever made in Hungary.

As a child actor, he played in the theatre and starred in Ildiko Szabo's Child Murderers (Gyerekgyilkosságok, 1993).


as a director/producer

2019: Those Who Remained / Akik maradtak - as well as writer
2018: Susotage / Susotázs - as well as writer - short (Best Live Action Short 2019)
2009: Camembert Rose / Rózsaszín sajt - 1st feature, world premiere: Montreal WFF 2009
2006: One Vote / Egy szavazat (co-directed with Balazs Simonyi, Hungarian Film Week, Budapest Independent Film Festival: Grand Prize)
2005: Otograf / Autogram (with Jeanne Moreau, Hungarian Film Week)
2004: Exhibition  / Kiállítás (Hungarian Film Week, Drezden Online Competition, Ishafa, Angers Premiers Plans) as well as writer, editor
2004: Me and Football (Hamburg KurzfilmFest, FootballDVD Germany 2006)
2004: On a Train / Vonaton (Cannes 2005 Semaine de la Critique, Angers Premiers Plans, Aubagne: Public  Award, Cottbus: Special Prize of the Jury, broadcast on TPS, Canal Satellite, Channel Four, ZDF, RADI distribution prize, released in theaters all over France) as well as actor, writer, editor
2003: Location Hunting / terepSZEMLE (co-directed with Balazs Simonyi, Hungarian Film Week, Young Filmmakers’ Festival Budapest: KODAK prize, Hungarian Independent Film Festival: 3rd Prize, Karlovy Vary Fresh Film Fest, Stuttgart Film Fest) as well as actor, writer
2003: Getting Even / Szerelem meg hal (Rotterdam 2005 Tiger Cub Competition, Clermont Ferrand international competition, Tabo, Warsaw, Nancy, broadcast on RTV Portugal and MTV Hungary)
2002: Our Car / A mi autónk - as well as writer
2001: Feri Kiss Scores Big Time / Kiss Feri tutira megy (MOMA, Moscow, Lodz, Bratislava student film festivals)

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