Béla Ternovszky

He was born on 23 My 1943 in Budapest.
He finished his studies as a painter at the Budapest Fine and Applied Arts Secondary School in 1961. He started working at Pannónia Film Studio in the same year and continued working there until 1995. He became an animation film director in 1972.
He worked on a number of successful Hungarian animated TV series and meanwhile his short films won a number of festival awards.
His first feature animation, Cat City was completed in 1986 and became the most popular film in Hungary.
Since 1995 he has been working as a freelance director.


Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai I. / The Adventures of Aladár Mézga (1971-1972)*
Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai II. / The Adventures of Aladár Mézga - Series 2 (1971-1972)**
Tartsunk kutyát! / Let’s Keep a Dog (1974)
Kérem a következőt! / Next, please! (1974)***
Kérem a következőt! - II. / Next, please! – Series 2 (1974)
Gusztáv sorozat / Gustav Series (1976-1977)
Pumukli I. / Pumukl (1978-1979)****
Pumukli II./Pumukl - Series 2 (1981)****
Macskafogó / Cat City (1986)
Egérút / Slip Away (1999)
Macskafogó 2 / CATcher - Cat City 2 (2005-2007)

* with József Gémes, Marcell Jankovics and József Nepp
** with József Gémes, Marcell Jankovics, Jenő Koltai, József Nepp, Miklós Temesi and Magda Vásárhelyi
*** with József Nepp
**** with Ulrich König

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