Diana Groó

Born in 1973 in Budapest.
Diana Groó received her education in Budapest, Hungary, obtaining a Bachelor degree in French-Hebrew from the Faculty of Arts, Lórand Eötvös University of Sciences (1992-1995), followed by a Master in TV and Film Directing, Department of Film and Television Directing at the Hungarian Film Academy. She has co-founded DocClub (2000) and Madzag Film (2001) associations, and Katapult Film (2002).
Since 2001 she is director and scriptwriter at the Cinema Film and Katapult Film studios.

After her prize winning shorts and documentary films, she directed  her first feature film, A MIRACLE IN CRACOW (CSODA KRAKKÓBAN) in 2004. From 2001 she has been working on the WILD IMAGINATION art-history series, in the which she explored the art and life of such painters as Chagall, Renoir, Bruegel, and Roussau. The first four epidsods of the WILD IMAGINATION series opened the contemporary art exhibition in Herzlya Muzeun, Tel-Aviv, Israel in March 2005. In June 2005 the WILD IMAGINATION series were included into the InterMedia course program "Intervisual between Painting & Cinema" at Haifa University, Israel, along with Peter Greenaway, Derek Jarman and others.


1992: Anne / Annuska (s)
1996: Uncle Zsiga / Zsiga bácsi (d)
1997: From Somewhere to Somewhere / Valahonnan valahová (s)
1997: Ottavio (d) 1998: Blue Eyes / A Kékszemű (TV)
1999: Kazinczy Street / Kazinczy utca (s)
2001: Wild Imagination - Over the Village - Chagall's Dreams / Tarka képzelet - Vityebszk felett - Chagall álmai (s)
2001: Ways / Córesz (d)
2003: Wild Imagination - Renoir's Dreams / Tarka képzelet - Renoir álmai (s)
2004: Wild Imagination - Bruegel's Dreams / Tarka képzelet - Flamand közmondások - Bruegel álmai (s)
2004: Wild Imagination - Rousseau's Dreams / Tarka képzelet - Rousseau álmai (s)
2004: A Miracle in Cracow / Csoda Krakkóban
2006: Urlicht (s)
2006: The Way to the Future / Előttem az élet (d)
2006: Wild Imagination - The Garden of the Magician / Tarka képzelet - A virágünnep vége (s)
2009: Eldorádó (s)
2010: Vespa
2013: Regina (d)

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