Endre Hules

A directing alumni of the National Academy of Theater and Film in Budapest, Hungary, and a Producing Fellow at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, he studied acting at Grotowski's Laboratory Theater in Poland and at the International School of Theatrical Anthrolopogy, Bonn, Germany. Mr. Hules has directed a wide variety of productions at the National Theaters of Hungary, the Biennale de Paris, the Shakespeare World Congress, as well as film, television and radio projects.

As an actor, he appeared in nearly a hundred features and television films in Hollywood, including "Angels & Demons," "Seven," "Apollo 13," "24" and Masterpiece Theater's "The Song of the Lark," and he is a recipient of the Screen Actor's Guild Award.


Prima Primavera Screenplay
The Maiden Danced To Death Director
The Maiden Danced To Death Screenplay
The Maiden Danced To Death Cast

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