Ferenc Cakó

Born in Budapest in 1950. Graduated from the College for Creative Arts in 1973. While still at college he won several prizes as an amateur animation filmmaker.This it was abvious for him to follow, the road Pannonia Film Studio where he worked as an animator - designer - director from 1973 to 1991. He used puppet, clay, and paper-cut techniques in his films including 'The Chair', 'Criminal Clay', 'King`s Cold', (to order by John Halas), 'Tale with Surprise Ending' etc.
The first significant intenational succes was at the Annecy Film Festival with 'Ad Astra' in 1982. From that time on he has made his films from his own scripts.
His individual style emerges in his short films: 'Motorture' (clay) 1982. 'Ab Ovo' (clay and sand) 1987, 'Ad Rem' (clay and coal) 1989, 'Ashes' (sand) 1994 ,'Song of the Sand' (sand) 1995, 'Nest' (sand) 1997, 'Labyrinth' (clay and puppet) 1999, 'Vision' (puppet) 2000, 'Stones' (sand) 2000.
His films have won the grand prizes of nearly each significant film festival: Cannes (Best Short Film), Berlin (Golden Bear), San Francisco (Golden Gate Award), Annecy (Best Short Film), Oberhausen, Krackow, Espinho, Sanghai, Gava Uppsala, Kecskemet etc.
He also made series for children: 'Never Mind Toby' (26 episodes), 'Zeno' (22 episodes), 'Elephant Tof-Tof' (52 episodes), 'Legends of Hungarian Castles' (13 episodes).
His individual and special sand animation show is very popular all over the world. It is usually performed in theatres, TV-shows and at exclusive events. He was invited several times to hold workshops about his special technique, e.g. in Finland, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal. He makes illustration for children several and youth books. His graphics and painting are shown at individual exhibitions in the major cities of Hungary and abroad. He teaches 3D animation at School of Applied Arts.

1989 - Merited Artist of Hungary
1999 - Outstanding Artist of Hungary

1978: The Chair / A szék
1980: A Story with Tongue in Cheek / Csali mese
1981: Cold King is cold / Hurut király fázik
1981: Criminal Clay-Mates / Kasszagyúrók
1982: Ad astra / Ad astra
1982: Motorture / Autótortúra
1982: Never Mind, Toby / Sebaj, Tóbiás sorozat
1983: Never Mind Toby / Sebaj Tóbiás sorozat
1983: Gameline-Children's Day / Gyermeknapi keretjáték
1984: Never Mind Toby / Sebaj Tóbiás sorozat
1985: Zeno / Zénó sorozat
1985: Never Mind Toby / Sebaj Tóbiás sorozat
1986: What, When, How, To Whom / Mit-mikor-hogyan-kinek
1986: Zénó 7-11 / Zénó 7-11.
1987: Zénó / Zénó
1987: Ab ovo / Ab ovo
1988: Zénó 16-22. / Zénó 16-22.
1990: Ad rem / Ad rem
1995: Ashes / Hamu
1996: Song of the Sand / A homok dala
1998: Nest / Fészek
1999: Labyrinth / Labirintus
1999: Maze
2000: The Four Seasons / A négy évszak
2000: Vision / Vízió
2001: Stones / Kövek
2001: Psycho-parade / Pszichoparádé
2003: The Fox and the Raven / A róka és a holló
2004: Rendezvous / Randevú
2005: Hey, S.O.S. / Hé, S.O.S.
2006: Letters / Levelek
2008: Face / Arc
2010: Touch / Érintés


The Fox and the Raven Director
The Fox and the Raven Producer
The Fox and the Raven Screenplay
Face Producer
Face Art director
Face Director
Face Screenplay
Hey, S.O.S. Screenplay
Hey, S.O.S. Art director
Hey, S.O.S. Director
Hey, S.O.S. Producer
Stones Animation
Stones Director
Stones Producer
Stones Screenplay
Letters Screenplay
Letters Producer
Letters Director
Letters Animation
Psycho-parade Screenplay
Psycho-parade Producer
Psycho-parade Director
Rendezvous Director
Rendezvous Producer
Rendezvous Screenplay
Vision Art director
Vision Director
Touch Director
Touch Screenplay
Touch Visual design
Touch Animation
Touch Producer

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