Ferenc Moldoványi

Born in 1960.
He graduated from the Debrecen Teachers' College. Between 1982 and 1986 he worked for the Pannonia Film Studio and the Hungarian Dubbing and Video Company as an assistant director, studying philosophy in the meantime at the ELTE University. He also graduated in report, documentary, popular-science film and TV-directing in 1990 from the Academy of Performing Arts and in film and TV-directing in 1992. He spent the school-year of 1990-1991 at the Paris Film School, holding a scholarship of the French Government. After successful documentaries, he made a documentary-feature film, The Way in 1997.
He is on the board of the Documentary Film Department of the Association of Hungarian Film and Television Artists. He teaches at the video-communication faculty of the ELTE University.


1987: Inauguration / Leleplezés (d)
1988: Here and Now / Itt és most (d)
1989: On the Samizdat / A szamizdatról (d)
1992: Hotel Ouest / Hotel Ouest (sf)
1993: Market Development Foundation / Market Development Foundation (d)
1993: The Godfather / A Keresztapa (d)
1993: Squatting Parisian Artistes / Párizsi házfoglaló művészek (d)
1995: Film and �1-14 / A film és... I-XIV. (d/TV)
1995: If We eat a Beaver... / Ha megeszünk egy hódot... (d)
1996: Franzstadt / Franzstadt (d)
1997: The Way / Az út (df)
2001: Children-Kosovo 2000 / Gyerekek-Koszovó 2000 (d)
2008: Another Planet / Másik bolygó (c-d)

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