Ferenc Rofusz

After graduating from high-school he got a degree from the Animation Academy of the Pannonia Drawing and Animation Film Studio. He started as a phasis-drafting intern, then worked as a key drafter and an animator.
His first film of his own was 'The Stone' in 1973. After that he worked in television series and 'Johnny, the Corb-Lad'. In 1981 he won an Academy Award with his film, 'The Fly'.

Between 1984 and 1988 he worked in the GDR. Since 1988 he has been living in Canada and has his own studio.
In 2002, he founded Animation.hu, his studio in Budapest.


1973: The Stone / A kő
1977: Gustavus Would Like to Read / Gusztáv olvasna (with Marcell Jankovics)
1977: Gustavus in the Supermarket / Gusztáv az ABC-ben (with József Nepp and Marcell Jankovics)
1978: Dog Exhibition / Kutyakiállítás
1980: The Fly / A légy
1982: Dead End / Holtpont
1983: Gravitation / Gravitáció
1989: Road Warrior
1992: Animated News
1998: Buccaneers Gold
1999: Solutions
2002: Ceasefire! / Tüzet szüntess!
2005: A Dog's Life
2011: Ticket

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