Géza M. Tóth
(Budapest, 16.06.1970)

Film director, founder of the KEDD Animation Studio.
Professor of the Hungarian University of Theatre, Film and Television, Budapest.
Worked as a guest professor at several universities (London, Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg, Ahmedabad).

As a filmmaker he created short films (ex: Icar, MAESTRO, ERGO, MAMA) experimental art projects (ex: XYZ, The Miraculous Mandarin, The Duke's Blubeard's Castle) and animation tv series (ex: VIVA Channel IDs, Modern Folk-tales). His short films successfully participated more than 200 film festivals worldwide and were awarded with more than 70 prizes. His animation film, MAESTRO was nominated to Oscar in the Best Animated Short Film category.



2019. Matches
2009. Mama
2008. Ergo
2007. A kékszakállú herceg vára / Bluebeard's Castle
2005. Maestro
2005. A csodálatos mandarin / The Miraculous Mandarin
1996. Ikarosz / Icar
1994. Falrajárók / Wall-walkers
1992. Patkányfogó / The Pied Piper
applied animations (selected)
2003. Music fans (television channel ID series)
2002. Beware, VIVA! (television channel ID series)
2001. Two in one (television channel ID series)
2001. One and the same(television channel ID series)
2000. Ho-ho-ho(television channel ID series)
2000. Keep your head (television channel ID series)
2000. Forever (television channel ID series)
1999. Living logo (television channel ID series)
1998. Winter(television channel ID series)
1998. Music by nations (television channel ID series)

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