György Molnár

Born in 1948 in Budapest. Graduated from Academy of Film and Drama in 1975 and has since made over five hundred television productions (entertaining, musical and dramatic works ) , a few of which were banned for political reasons in the seventies and sixties.
He has been working as a director for the Hungarian Television since 1976.
He teaches in the Visual Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts, like professor. (DLA, dr. Habil)
He has directed 600 different productions until now, first musical (light and classical), entertaining, and youth programes, later dramatic works, around television plays and 4 feature films.
His films have been shown in nearly every European countries, and in the US, Canada, Kuwait, China, India, Australia. Hes feature films have been on shownnnn among others in New York, San Sebastian, Sao Paulo, Belgrade, Strassburg, Cairo etc.

In 1990 he received the Balázs Béla Prize and in 2003 Merited Artist Award of the Hungarian Republic (Érdemes Művész).
He has won about 40 awards at film festivals in Hungary and abroad. The Magician's Dream (A Varázsló álma) has become part of the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Arts. Anna's Film (Anna filmje) has got the Main Prize in Salerno.


 -selected -

1976. Budapest, International Competition of Musician Directors (m/TV) III. Prize
1976-77. A MILLION POUND NOTE / Egymillió Fontos Hangjegy (m/TV)
1978. Veszprém, TV Festival, Prize to Best Director
1978. BILL'S BILLS / Plakátragasztó (sf /TV)
A LIFT RHAPSODY / Lift Rapszódia (sf /TV)
1979. ALFONSHOW / Alfonshow (sf / TV)
GHOSTLY DREAMS / Lidérces álmok (f/TV)
A MILLION PATCHED NOTE / Egymillió FOLTOS hangjegy (m/TV)
1980. Veszprém, TV Festival: Grand Prize
1980. SNEEZE / Tüsszentés (pantomim/TV)
HAL READY CIRCUS / Félkész cirkusz (f/TV)
LODEN SHOW / Lóden show (mf /TV)
1981. CLAUDE FLAGELL / Claude Flagell (d /TV)
GARDEN OF OLD MUSIC / Régi muzsika kertje (m/TV)
1982. DÉLIBÁB FOLK GROUP FROM DEBRECEN / A debreceni Délibáb együttes (m/TV)
BIEDERMEYER SONGS / Ötödfélszáz énekek (m/TV)
DO YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH ME / Akar velem játszani? (f/TV)
1983. Veszprém, TV Festival: Grand Prize 1984
1983. PEACE STRATEGY / Békestratégia (f/TV)
1983-84. THE DAY OF THE FAMOUS EASTER / Hírős Húsvét napján (d /TV)
1984. SHREWD CRIMINALS / Rafinált bűnösök (f/TV)
CAUTION! LOWLAND! / Vigyázat! Mélyföld! (f/TV)
1989. Veszprém, TV Festival: Puck Grand Prize
1986. FOR EVER AND EVER / Örökkön örökké (f/TV)    
1987. Hungarian Film and TV Critics's Prize
1988. THE MAGICAN'S DREAM / A Varázsló álma (f/TV)
1988. Veszprém, TV Fesztival: Grand Prize, Designer's Prize
1989. Plovdiv, International Festival: Silver Purse, Intervision Grand Prize
1990. New York, The World Television Festival: selected in the eternal archive of the Museum of the Modern Arts
1989. THE BASIC FORMULA / Alapképlet (f/TV)
1989. Veszprém, TV Festival: Director's Prize, Best Supporting Actor s Prize
1989. Plovdiv, International Festival: Director' and Intervision Director's prize
1990. ENCLOSED / Bekerítve (opera/TV)
1991. RED FUN FAIR / Vörös Vurstli (f)
1992. Bergamo: Silver Rose Prize
1993. Keszthely, Middle -European International Festival: Festival Prize
1994. Hungarian Film Critics's Prize to Best Actor
1992. GRAND CAFE BUDAPEST / Budapest Nagykávéház (d /TV for RAI)
1992-93. MARCUS AURELIUS / Marcus Aurelius, Közjáték (sf /TV)
KOSZTOLÁNYI / Kosztolányi, Közjáték (sf /TV)
1994. Y.E. S. / Y.E. S. (m/TV for E. B.U.)
1995. TREE UNKNOWN GENTLEMEN / Három idegen úr (f/TV)
1994. WORDS DIE ONCE / A szavak is elhalnak egyszer (f/TV)
1995. FIVE MINUTES OF PROSE / Öt perc próza (f/TV)
1995. THE BAD DOCTOR / A rossz orvos/  (f)
1997. MACH ADO ABOUT EMILY / Sok hűhó Emmiért (f/TV)
1998. WE ARE THREE / Mi hárman (f/TV)
2000. WE LIVE ONLY ONCE / Egyszer élünk (f)
2001. Budapest. Hungarian Film Festival, best actors prize, Best Sound Prize, Best Script Priz.
2001. Szeged. Kamera Hungária. Festival-prize.
2001. I AM FREE / Mert szabad vagyok (sf/TV) 
2004. IT NOTHING HAD HAPPENED / Nem történik semmi (sf/TV)
2005. TIN SOLDIER / Ólomálom (sf/TV)
2010. OUT/IN TAWARET / Ki/Be Tawaret (f)

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