György Pálfi


Born in Budapest in 1974, György Pálfi joined the University of Theater and Film Arts (Budapest) in 1995. 

Hukkle (2002), his debut feature was invited to more than 100 international film festivals worldwide and won several prestigious recognitions including EFA's European Discovery 2002 - Fassbinder Award. 

Taxidermia (2006), his second feature premiered at Cannes UCR, was the big winner of the Hungarian Film Week in Budapest, where it won the Main Prize, Best Supporting Actress and Actor, Best Art Director, Student Jury's Main Prize and the Gene Moskowitz Prize awarded by the int’l critics.

His exceptional collage film Final Cut - Ladies and Gentlemen (2012) was premiered at Cannes Classics.

György Pálfi’ Free Fall (2014) won three major awards - Best Director Award, Special Jury Prize and Label Europe Cinemas Award - at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in 2014.


1994: Break and Check II / Break és Csekk II. (s) 
1997: The Fish / A hal - Ikhthüsz (s) 
1998: Knock, Knock - Seventh Room: Devil's Lock / Valaki kopog - Hetedik szoba: Ördöglakat (s) 
1998: Round and Round / Körbe (s) 
2002: Hukkle 
2003: Shaman vs. Icarus / Táltosember vs. Ikarus (s) 
2006: Taxidermia 
2009: I am Not Your Friend / Nem vagyok a barátod 
2012: Final Cut - Ladies & Gentlemen / Final Cut – Hölgyeim és Uraim 
2014: Free Fall / Szabadesés 
2018: His Master’s Voice / Az Úr hangja

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