György Szomjas

He studied architecture at the Budapest Technical University between 1960 and 1964, then graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in 1968. He was on the board of The Béla Balázs Studio between 1969 and 1974 and was initiator of the sociological film program.
After his ironic documentaries made in the early seventies he directed his first feature film The Wind is Whistling under Their Feet.
He has been manager and organizer of Kőbánya Amateur Film Studio between 1973 - 1998. He has been chief secretary of the Association of Hungarian Film- and Television Artists since 1995.
Directed several documentaries and short films.


1976: The Wind is Whistling under Their Feet / Talpuk alatt fütyül a szél
1978: Wrong-doers / Rosszemberek
1981: Bald-Dog-Rock / Kopaszkutya
1983: Light Physical Injuries / Könnyű testi sértés
1985: The Wall Driller / Falfúró
1987: Mr. Universe / Mr. Universe
1989: Fast and Loose / Könnyű vér
1991: Junk Movie / Roncsfilm
1994: Kisses and Scratches / Csókkal és körömmel
1997: Gangster Film / Gengszterfilm
2003: Vagabond
2007: The Sun Street Boys / A Nap utcai fiúk
2011: Eastern Wind: the Film / Keleti szél: a film (d)

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