Györgyi Szalai

(1940, Kispest)
After two years of studying she was expelled from the Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. She started her film-making career at the Béla Balázs Studio. She was member of the Hungarian Film Production Company "Társulás" ("Association") and founding member of Motion Picture Innovation Company. She was an influential creator of the experimental, documentary film style with Budapest School in the seventies and cooperated with István Dárday. They made documentaries and documentary feature films together. She made her first feature film Pampered Darlings followed the same style. She also worked on scripts of László Vitézy and József Czencz' films.

Awards:  National Trade Union Council's  Award (1981), Béla Balázs Award (1998)



1970: To Die in Peace/Nyugodtan meghalni (with István Dárday) (d)
1971: Matching Curcumstances/Mihez tartás végett (with István Dárday) (d)
1973: Educational Series I-V/Nevelésügyi sorozat I-V. (d) (with István Dárday, László Mihályfy, László Vitézy and Pál Wild)
1975: The Natural History of an Individual Case/Az egyedi eset természetrajza (d)
1977: What do Schoolchildren See?/Mit látnak az iskolások? (d) (with István Dárday and László Vitézy)
1979: Stratagem/Harcmodor (with István Dárday)
1979: The Unveiling/Leleplezés (with László Vitézy) (d)
1980: Pampered Darlings/Dédelgetett kedvenceink
1983: Point of Departure/Átváltozás (with István Dárday)
1988: The Documentator/A dokumentátor (with István Dárday)
1994: East from the West or the Discreet Charm of the Media/Nyugattól keletre, avagy a média diszkrét bája (with István Dárday)
1998: Reflections/Tükröződések (with István Dárday)
2007: The Emigré - Everything is Different/Az emigráns - Minden másképp van (with István Dárday)

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