Ibolya Fekete

She studied Hungarian and Russian Literature and Linguistics at the Lajos Kossuth University in Debrecen. Since 1990 she has been working at the Hunnia Film Studio, and co-author of György Szomjas’s film-scripts.
The first film she directed is a documentary, Berlin and Back
She made her first feature film, Bolshe Vita  in 1996.


1990: Berlin and Back / Berlinbõl Berlinbe (d)
1992: Children of the Apocalypse I-II / Az Apokalipszis gyermekei I-II. (d)
1996: Bolshe Vita / Bolse vita
2001: Chico
2004: Journeys with a Monk / Utazások egy szerzetessel (d)
2015: Mom and Other Loonies in the Family / Anyám és más futóbolondok a családból

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