Imre Gyöngyössy

(1930, Pécs - 1994, Budapest)
He studied Italian and Hungarian literature and linguistics at the Budapest ELTE University, until he had to do physical work for many years for political reasons. He graduated from film-directing from the Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in 1961. He made his first full feature film in 1969. Later he made feature and documentary films in collaboration with Barna Kabay and Katalin Petényi. Since the eighties he has worked in German productions mostly. He has two books of poems published and had two plays produced.
Béla Balázs Award, Merited Artist, Cinéma per la Place Lifetime Achievement Award (1988)


1964: A Man's Portrait/Férfiarckép (d)
1965: Variations on a Town/Változatok egy városról (d)
1969: Palm Sunday/Virágvasárnap
1971: Legend about the Death and Resurrection of Two Young Men/Meztelen vagy
1973: Re magi (s)
1974: Sons of Fire/Szarvassá vált fiúk
1975: Expectations/Várakozók
1975: Memento I-IV./Memento I-IV. (d/tv) (with Barna Kabay)
1976: Biennale di Velezia (d/tv) (with Barna Kabay)
1976: The Destruction of Melos/Melosz pusztulása (f/tv) (with Barna Kabay)
1977: A Quite Ordinary Life/Két elhatározás (d) (with Barna Kabay)
1978: Cells Overlookingthe Sea/Tengerre nézô cellák (f/tv) (with Barna Kabay)
1979: The Doctor/Orvos vagyok (d) (with Barna Kabay)
1979: The Gigolo of the Snowy Mountains/Havasi selyemfiú (f/tv) (with Barna Kabay)
1980: Glimpses of Life/Töredék az életről (with Barna Kabay)
1980: Like Daidalos and Icaros/Mint Daedalus és Ikarus (sf/tv) (with Katalin Petrényi)
1981: People of the Puszta/Pusztai emberek (d) (with Barna Kabay)
1983: Job's Revolt/Jób lázadása (with Barna Kabay)
1984: Yerma/Yerma (with Barna Kabay)
1985: Let You Inherit/Add tudtul fiaidnak (d/tv) (with Barna Kabay and Katalin Petényi)
1987: Loan I-III/Loan I-III. (d/tv) (with Barna Kabay and Katalin Petényi)
1986: Prisoners of Freedom/A szabadság rabjai (d) (with Katalin Petényi)
1987: Boat People/Boat People (d) (with Barna Kabay)
1988: Circus on the Moon/Cirkusz a holdon (with Barna Kabay)
1988: Brasil's Abandoned Children/Brazil utcagyerekek (d) (with Barna Kabay)
1989: Johnny, the Lucky One/Johnny, a szerencsés I-IV. (f/tv) (with Barna Kabay)
1991: 50 Years of Silence/50 év hallgatás (d) (with Barna Kabay)
1990: Christians in Soviet Middle Asia/Keresztények Szovjet-Közép- Azsiában (d) (with Barna Kabay)
1991: Homeless/Száműzöttek (with Barna Kabay and Katalin Petényi)
1992: Freedom of the Death/Holtak szabadsága (d) (with Barna Kabay and Katalin Petényi)
1994: Death in Shallow Water/Halál sekély vízben (with Barna Kabay)

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