József Czencz
(1952, Szombathely) Acoustic engineer graduate from Budapest Technical University in 1975, who from 1973 worked for the Hungarian Film Production Company in different capacities, and after the company was dissolved has been directing at the Moving Pictures Innovative Company. His first feature film, The Paraphenomenon, 1989.


1989: The Paraphenomenon. A Film about Uri Geller/A parafenomén. Egy film Uri Gellerről (d) 1990: Para Da/Para Da (d) 1991: Miracle in Manila/Csoda Manilában (d) 1992: The Cathedral/A katedrális (d) 1995: The Phantom Ace/A fantom ász 1997: Everybody is Afraid of the Dwarf/Mindenki fél a törpétől 1996-97 1998: Imre's Movie/Imre filmje

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