Miloslav Luther

Director and Screenwriter, born in 1945. He graduated from the direction at the FAMU in Prague, has been working in Slovak Television as well as in the Movie Studios Bratislava-Koliba. Miloslav Luther works at several important positions concerned with audiovisual art, he is a teacher of directing at VSMU. He has directed number of TV plays, movies and serials based on the national or international classic. Most of the works belong to the Gold Fund of STV.
1977: Mario and Magic Man 1979: Dangerous Acquaintance 1980: The Triptych About Love 1982: Life Without End (Part 1 to 5) 1983: The Physician of a Dieing Epoch (Part 1 to 5) 1984: King Thrushes Beard 1985: Forget About Mozart 1988: A Part Across the Danube 1993: Angel Of Mercy 1996: The End of Great Holiday (Part 1 to 6) 2002: Escape to Buda / Szökés Budára


Escape to BudaMusic
Escape to BudaDirector
Escape to BudaScreenplay

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