Péter Bergendy

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 Péter Bergendy is a Hungarian director, born in 1964. He got his first camera from his grandfather at the age of six. From that moment, film became part of his life. Originally graduated as psychologist, he wrote his thesis on horror film psychology. From 1984 he worked at the Hungarian Television as an assistant director, then later he worked at the Hungarian Film Institute and Helikon Film as well. In 1991, he established Stáb Filmfactory Ltd. and started working on ads and video clips, while he was the editor of several magazines (like Cinema). His work is known all over the globe, his ads won several awards. He directed his first full-length feature, Stop Mum Theresa in 2004. His second feature, The Exam, won Chicago IFF’s Golden Hugo for Best New Director, it was followed by several awards at IFFs. His latest film, Trezor debuted in 2018 and features a story based on real events after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences nominated Trezor for Best TV Film’s International Emmy Award. He is currently working on his new feature Post Mortem, the first ever Hungarian horror film, scheduled for 2020 release.

2006: Stop Mum Theresa (Állítsátok meg Terézanyut) – feature film, director

2011: The Exam (A vizsga) - TV movie, director

2018: Trezor (Trezor) - TV movie, director

2020: Post Mortem (Post Mortem) – feature film, director/co-writer / in production


Stop Mom Theresa! Director
The Exam Director
Trezor Director
Post Mortem Director
Post Mortem Story

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