Péter Gothár

Péter Gothár (b. 1947) is the director of cult films such as Time Stands Still, A Priceless Day, It's Time, and The Outpost. His films have been screened at more than 100 festivals worldwide and have won numerous prestigious awards in Venice, Cannes, Tokyo, Chicago, Karlovy Vary, among others. In the past 15 years, Gothár has mostly worked as a theatre director and as a university professor. With Seven Small Coincidences, he returns to filmmaking. 

(selected, only feature films)

1979: A Priceless Day / Ajándék ez a nap
1980, Hungarian Film- and TV-Critics' Grand Prize, Best Actress Prize to Judit Pogány, Best Actor Prize to Lajos Szabó
1980, Venice: Gold Lion in the First Film Category

1981: Time Stands Still / Megáll az idő
1982, Pécs, 14th Hungarian Film Week: Social Jury’s Creative Prize to Péter Gothár, Photographers' Prize to Lajos Koltai, Professional Jury’s Creative Prize to Géza Bereményi, Lajos Őze and György Selmeczi
1982, Cannes: French Youth Minister’s Special Prize
1982, Taormina: 2nd Prize
1982, Chicago: Silver Hugo
1983, Hungarian Film- and TV-Critics' Grand Prize, Photographers' Prize to Lajos Koltai
1983, Brussels: L'Age d'Or Prize
1983, New York: Film- and TV-Critics' Prize for Best Foreign Film
1985, Tokyo: Jury's Prize to Most Promising Director

1985: Time / Idő van
1986, Budapest, 18th Hungarian Film Week: Social Jury’s Directors' Prize, Professional Jury’s Script-Writers Prize to Péter Esterházy, Best Actress Prize to Éva Ruttkai, Sound Engineer’s Prize to János Réti
1987, Hungarian Film- and TV-Critics' Prize for Best Script to Péter Esterházy and Péter Gothár

1987: Just Like America / Tiszta Amerika
1988, Budapest, 20th Hungarian Film Week: Social Jury's Special Prize, Best Actor Prize to Andor Lukáts, Prize of the Students’ of the Academy of Theatre and Film Art
1989, Hungarian Film- and TV-Critics' Best Actor Prize to Ádám Szirtes

1990: Melodrama / Melodráma

1994: The Outpost / A részleg
1995, Budapest, 26th Hungarian Film Week: Feature Film Jury's Special Prize, Best Director, International Critics' Gene Moskowitz Prize
1995, Karlovy Vary: Ecumenical Jury's Prize, FICC Don Quijote Prize
1995, European Film Academy, nominated for the Best European Film’s Felix Award
1995, Official Hungarian entry for Academy Awards
1996, Hungarian Film- and TV-Critics' Prize, Photographers' Prize to Vivi Dragan Vasile, Best Actress Prize to Mari Nagy, Best Supporting Actor Prize to József Szarvas

1995: Vaska Easoff / Haggyállógva Vászka
1996, Budapest, 27th Hungarian Film Week: Feature Film Jury’s Grand Prize, Directors' Prize, Photographers' Prize to Francisco Gózon
1996, Karlovy Vary: Best Director
1996, Chicago: Audience Prize
1996, Berlin, Prix Europa: Certificate of Merit
1997, Hungarian Film- and TV-Critics' Prize to Best Director
1997, Moscow: Prize of Russian Film Directors’ Guild and Actors’ Moscow Guild

2001: Passport / Paszport
2001, Budapest, 32nd Hungarian Film Week: Best Actress Prize to Enikő Börcsök
2001, Wiesbaden: Best Director
2001, Lecce: ’Golden Olive-Tree’ Main Prize
2001, Paliĉ: Golden Tower Main Prize
2001, European Film Academy, nominated for the Best Director and Best Cinematographer Award

2003: Hungarian Beauty / Magyar szépség
2003, Budapest, 34th Hungarian Film Week: Main Prize, Best Sound Prize to Róbert Juhász

2008: Deposition / Tanúvallomás (s)
2020: Seven Small Coincidences / Hét kis véletlen


The Three SistersCast
The OutpostScreenplay
The OutpostDirector
A Priceless DayDirector
A Priceless DayScreenplay
The HangedDirector
The HangedScreenplay
Vaska EasoffDirector
Vaska EasoffScreenplay
Hungarian BeautyDirector
Hungarian BeautyArt director
Hungarian BeautyScreenplay
Time Stands StillDirector
Time Stands StillScreenplay
DepositionVisual design
Just Like AmericaScreenplay
Just Like AmericaDirector
Summer HolidayProducer
Seven Small CoincidencesDirector
Seven Small CoincidencesScreenplay

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