Péter Mészáros
Born in Székesfehérvár in 1969. After studying literature and aesthetics at the Philological Faculty of the University of Arts and Sciences in Pécs, graduated in film direction at the Georgian Academy of Theatre and Film in 1997. In 2001-2002, he was founding member of the MAGIKON Film Production Company, and leader of the alternative company "Café Theatre".
Has won the Palme d'Or for his short film After Rain at the Cannes IFF in 2002, screened at more than 50 festivals all over the world.


1993: Apples in the Rain / Almák az esőben (s)
1994: Painter Pirosmani's Secret Life / Piroszmani festő titkos élete (s)
1995: The House of Niko, the Ladies and the Angel-faced Doll / Niko,a szépasszonyok és az angyalarcú baba háza (s)
1996: The Foolish Pomegranate Tree / A bolond gránátalmafa
2002: After Rain / Eső után (s)
2002: Monasteries' Men / Kolostorlakók (d)
2003: Forestbelt (s)
2003: Who's the Cat? / Ki a macska? (s)
2004: The Way of the Pig / A disznó útja (s)
2004: Kyrie (s)
2006: Kythera

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