Roland Vranik


After graduation in 1987, he worked on several diploma films, shorts and national/international feature films as production manager and director's assistant and as a member of the Positive Production Workshop based in Budapest.
Later he worked in the Netherlands where he directed four films and collaborated in several productions made by the students of the Dutch Film Academy.
In 2000 he received a grant from the Béla Balázs Studio and directed and wrote the experimental short film DOMINATOR 2000. The same year he was director's assistant of WERCKMEISTER HARMONIES directed by Béla Tarr.
He also made some 30 spots and video clips before directing his first feature film FEKETE KEFE (BLACK BRUSH) in 2005.

The Citizen / Az állampolgár, feature, HD (110') 2016 - Writer / Director
Transmission / Adás, feature, 35 mm (90') 2009 - Writer / Director
Black Brush / Fekete kefe, feature, HD (80') 2004 - Writer / Director
Werckmeister Harmonies / Werckmeister harmoniák, feature (dir.) Béla Tarr, 35mm (145') 2000 - Dir. assistant
Dominátor 2000, short, 16mm (12') 2000 - Writer / Director
Andrash Film, Ballabak, promo, BetaDV (7') 1999 - Writer / Director
Alex Summmer, documentary, BetaSP (38') 1998 - Writer /  Director
Walk / Séta, short, 16mm (10') 1996 - Writer / Director / Producer
Ez Nem Sacramento, (dir.) Peter Palatcsik, short, 16mm (24') 1994 - Prod. Manager
Kaballa, (dir.) Hedi Baebler, short, 16mm (30') 1994 - Dir. assistant
Nacht Der Gaukler, (dir.) Micheal Steiner, feature, 16mm (74') 1994 - Prod. Manager
50% Absolute, (dir.) Igor Bauersima, short, 35mm (9') 1994 - Prod. Manager
The Fake Mantails, (dir.) Daniel Young, experimental, 16mm (70') 1993 - Dir. assistant


Black BrushScreenplay
Black BrushDirector
The CitizenDirector
The CitizenScreenplay

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