Sándor Simó

(1934, Budapest – 2001, Budapest)
He graduated from Budapest Technical University in 1957 in chemical engineering in 1957, then received his diploma in film directing at the Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in 1964. He directed his first feature film Bespectacled in 1969. From 1977 he was deputy studio manager and after 1989 he became manager of Hunnia Film Studio. He lectured at the Academy for Theatre and Film Arts from 1964 to 1974 and after 1994. He was chief secretary of the Association of Hungarian Film- and Television Artists for four years.
Béla Balázs Award (1973), Merited Artist (1988), Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic Middle Cross (1994), Outstanding Artist (1998)


1963: That Evening/Akkor este (s)
1964: For and Against/Színe és fonákja (s)
1965: The Profet/A próféta (s)
1966: Grey Friendship/Szürke barátság (d)
1967: The Home of János Kovács/Kovács János lakása (d)
1968: Bors III-IV/Bors III-IV. epizód (f/TV)
1969: Bespectacled/Szemüvegesek
1971: In the Prime of Life/A legszebb férfikor
1975: Delilah/Delila (f/TV)
1977: My Father's Happy Years/Apám néhány boldog éve
1979: The Waiter/A hőspincér (f/TV)
1982: The Sylvester Syndrome/Viadukt
1987: Farewell to You/"Isten veletek, barátaim"
1990: Light-Pictures/Fény-képek (d) with András Surányi and Edit Kőszegi
1994: Bloodplot/"Midőn a vér..." (d) with Edit Kőszegi and András Surányi
1996: Every Sunday/Franciska vasárnapjai
1996: Stories of the House/Wesselényi utca 13. (d)

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