Tamás Almási

Tamás Almási is one of the most well known Hungarian documentary film makers. He graduated from the Academy of Film and Theatre of Budapest in 1979.
He directs but sometimes also photographs his own films. He started his career as a feature film director, which has had a very important impact on his documentaries. His films are all drama centered and he uses strong emotional effects in them.
So far, he has made more than twenty full-length documentaries, which have been screened at a number of highly reputed festivals in Europe and overseas with success.
His films have been broadcast (by television) in almost forty countries.
He has also been teaching filmmaking at Budapest, University of Drama, Film and Television.

His latest film was released in 2019 titled Liquid Gold (Folyékony arany).


1977: How Long Does the Tree Live? / Meddig él egy fa?
1980: Graduation / Ballagás
1982: How Different / Sok húron pendülnek
1983: I Was Your Kid / Kölyköd voltam
1984: Amphitryon / Amphitryon
1985: Budapest Double / Budapesti kettõs
1985-1986: Ten Years After / Tíz év múltán
1986: Two Guys From Süveg Street / Ketten a Süveg utcából
1986: Teho-diary / Teho-napló
1985: Fragments / Töredékek
1986: After Graduation / Ballagás után
1987: In a Vise / Szorításban
1988: New Times in the Carpathian / Új idõk a Kárpátalján
1989: Among Burgenland Hungarians / Burgenlandi magyarok közt
1991: Women Condemned / Ítéletlenül
1992: The First Hundred Years / Az elsõ száz év (1988-1992)
1992: Slow Motion / Lassítás (1988-1992)
1993: The Factory is Ours / Miénk a gyár I-II.
1994: Meeting / Találkozó 1994: Healers / Gyógyítók;
1995: Petrenkó / Petrenkó 1996: Barren / Meddõ
1997: The Matter of the Heart / Szívügyem;
1997: Falling Apart - System Changes / Széthullás idõrendben - Rendszerváltó évek VIII-IX.
1998: Helpless / Tehetetlenül
1999: More Than Love / Szerelem elsõ hallásra;
2001: Down and Out / Alagsor
2002: Our Cells / Sejtjeink
2003: The End of the Road / Az út vége
2003: From Home to Home / Valahol otthon lenni
2008: Mario, the Magician / Márió, a varázsló
2009: Puskás Hungary
2015: Tititá
2019: Liquid Gold

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