Tibor Kocsis

Tibor Kocsis is the founder, owner and managing director of Flora Film. He got his director- cinematographer degree at the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film in 1993. He is a member of the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers. Besides shooting films his photographs in connection with ecology and environmental protection are regularly published by the most important agencies.


Epitaph 1985 (documentary) cinematographer
One Day I Made up my Mind: Life Instead of Drug (documentary) cinematographer 1995 (Part of the series 'One Day I Made up my Mind...' with Doszpod Béla)
The WAPRA Report (documentary) director - cinematopgrapher 1996
Ukrainians, Pelicans, Lipovans (documentary) director - cinematographer 1997
The Carpathian Basin Conquered (documentary) director - cinematographer 1998
The Hanti Shaman's Legacy (documentary) director 1999
Padis, In the Palm of God (documentary) director 2000

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