Tibor Szemző

Born in Budapest in 1955, Tibor Szemző graduated from the Hungarian Music Academy. In the late 70s he made his name as a musician and composer. In his public performances he combines elements of the spoken word with film extracts, and other forms of expression. He has also composed original soundtracks for several feature films. A Guest of Life is the first film he has directed.


Koponyaalapi törés / Skullbase Fracture (20 min, video, 1987)
Cuba (32 min, 8/16mm, b&w, 1994)
A túlpart / The Other Shore (20 min, 8/35mm, colour,1998)
Ez van! / That’s It! (11 min, 8mm/video, b&w, 2005)

Az élet vendége - Csoma-legendárium / A Guest of Life - Alaxander Csoma de Kőrös (80 min, 8/35 mm, colour, 2006)

His records:
Snapshot From the Island LP 1987, CD 1999
Private Exits LP 1989
Meteo / The Dreams of Eckermann LP 1990
Ain't Nothing but a Little Bit of Music for Moving Pictures CD 1992
The Conscience / Narrative Chamber Pieces CD 1993
The Last Hungarian Vinyl SP 1994
Tractatus CD 1995
Relative Things CD 1998
The Other Shore CD 1999
Free Fall Oratorio CD 2000
Sunset on Left CD 2000
Invisible Story CD 2001
Danube Exodus CD 2002
South of No North CD 2003


The Danube exodus (The Jewish exodus, the German exodus)Music
El Perro Negro - Stories from the Spanish Civil WarNarrator
El Perro Negro - Stories from the Spanish Civil WarMusic
The Bishop's GardenMusic
The Bishop's GardenNarrator
Angelos' FilmMusic
Another PlanetMusic
A Guest of Life - Alexander Csoma De KörösMusic
A Guest of Life - Alexander Csoma De KörösDirector
Free fall - Private Hungary 10Music
The WayMusic
Seaside, DuskMusic
A Bibó ReaderMusic
Children - Kosovo 2000Music
I Am von Höfler(Variation on Werther)Music

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