Zoltán Fábri

(1917, Budapest - 1994, Budapest)
He graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in 1938. He studied at the Academy of Performing Arts between 1938 and 1941. After 1950 he was artistic director of the Film Company. He made his first independent film in 1952. Merry-Go-Round takes place in rural environment and became one of the milestones of Hungarian film history. He often worked from literary materials. He was a professor of the Academy for Theatre and Film Arts and president of the Hungarian Film- and TV-artists' Association. As set-designer and painter he also made significant works.
Kossuth-Prize (1953,1955,1970)
Merited Artist (1956)
Outstanding Artist (1965)
Lifetime Achievement Award of the 18th Hungarian Film Week (1986)
Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic Middle Cross (1992)
Lifetime Achievement Award of the 25th Hungarian Film Week (1994)
For Hungarian Art (posthumus, 1995)


1952: The Storm/Vihar
1954: Fourteen Lives Saved/Életjel
1955: Merry-Go-Round/Körhinta
1956: Professor Hannibal/Hannibál tanár úr
1957: Summer Clouds/Bolond április
1958: Anna/Édes Anna
1959: The Brute/Dúvad
1961: Two Half-Times in Hell/Két félidő a pokolban
1963: Darkness in Daytime/Nappali sötétség
1964: A Hard Summer/Vízivárosi nyár
1965: Twenty Hours/Húsz óra
1966: Late Season/Utószezon
1968: The Boys of the Paul Street/A Pál utcai fiúk
1969: The Tót Family/Isten hozta, őrnagy úr!
1971: Ants' Nest/Hangyaboly
1972: One Day More or Less/Plusz-mínusz egy nap
1974: The Unfinished Sentence/141 perc a befejezetlen mondatból
1976: The Fifth Seal/Az ötödik pecsét
1977: Hungarians/Magyarok
1980: Bálint Fábián Meets God/Fábián bálint találkozása Istennel
1981: Requiem/Requiem
1983: The House-Warming/Gyertek el a névnapomra

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