Zoltán Szilágyi Varga

I was born on 23 June, 1951 in Kíkes (Transylvania).I finished my studies at the Secondary School for Music and Art in 1970 in Marosvásárhely. I graduated as a graphic artist at the Ion Andreescu University of Fine Arts in Kolozsvár in 1976. From 1976 to 1985 I worked for Animafilm, the animation film studio of Bucharest (Roumania). Having contributed to several series, stage designs, cartoon and film designs. I wrote scripts and directed three animation films on my own.

1980. THE GORDIAN KNOT (Nodul Gordian)
1980. Diploma of Honour of the Oberhausen Festival,
1980. Opera Prima, Zagreb,
1980. First Prize of the Golden Bear, Festival of Bilbao,
1980. First Prize of the Silver Dolphin, Festival of Espinho,
1981. Diploma of Honour, Chicago.

1982. ARENA (Arena)
1982. Special Award of the Jury for Outstanding Film Graphics, Zagreb
1982. First Prize of the Silver Dolphin, Festival of Espinho
1982. Second Prize of the Balkan Film Festival of Sofia
The film has been purchased by the New York Museum of Art.

The GORDIAN KNOT and the ARENA have won awards from the Romanian Film Association and the First Prize at Costinesti Film Festival.

1983. MONOLOGUE (Monolog)
The film has been purchased by the Educational Film Centre of Australia.
1984. It was selected as one of the best films of 1983-1984 in Lucca.

In 1985 I participated in the contest for the best designed poster at the Animation Film Festival of Annecy where I received the First Prize (The Jules Cheret Award).

Apart from designing animation films I was also engaged in doing graphic works, drawings and linocuts from 1976 to 1986.
From 1976 to 1983 I participated in every national exhibition in Roumania, in the collective shows of "Atelier 35" and in the exhibitions of the Linocuts and Engravings Museum of Tulcea.

I supplied graphic works for books, book designs, covers and title pages as well as illustrations for the publishing houses Kriterion, "Ion Creanga", Meridiane and Didactica.

Since 1987 I have been employed as a director at the Kecskemét Animation Film Studio.

1988. PURE IMAGE - Experimental film
First Prize, Espinho

1989. ORIGO – one-minute animation

1989. DOOR 13. – one minute animation

Category Prize, Espinho
Second Prize, Ankara International Film Festival
For the Best Visual Artwork, at the 3. Kecskemét Animation Festival

1992. Béla Balázs Award

1994. APROPO

In 1994 I was asked to take part in the Selection Committee of Zagreb Animation Festival.
In 1998 I was asked to be the member of the jury of the French International Festival (Marley Le Roi, Paris).

I was the Art Director of the English-French-German-Hungarian feature film.
1999 - Feature Film Category Prize – 5th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival
1999 - Best Visual Artwork – 5th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival
2000 – Best Animated Film – Hollywood Film Festival
2000 – Heartland Award – Indianapolis Film Festival
2000 – Toronto Sun Animation Audience Award – Sprocket International Film Festival for Children

I was the creator and director of the storyboard and the visual design of the 52 minutes Tele-Image production.

The film was screened at the a HIROSHIMA 2002 International Film Festival, “THE BEST OF THE WORLD” selection.
The CAMBRIDGE ANIMATION SYSTEMS AND LEONARDO SNS gave software present for the high use of applied technology.

2004. KOAN / Don’t Speak!
The film was selected to the competition program of China International Cartoon and Digital Art Festival (Changzhou – China), Festival Bimini (Latvia – Riga), Balkanima 2004 (Beograd – Serbia-Montenegro),Tehran International Animation Festival (Tehran – Iran) and Festival Arcipelago (Roma – Italy).

2005. The storyboard of „Death of Joyous Armenian“ won the Grand Prix at the Project Competition of Annecy International Film Festival.

“THE WIDELY TRAVELLED LITTLE MOUSE / The Patronage by a Relative”
CICDAF 2005 (Changzhou / China) Special Jury Awards of Television Programs


Home exhibitions:
1972. Studio Gallery, Marosvásárhely (Roumania),
1976. Collective Show, Temesvár (Roumania),
1976. "Korunk" Gallery, Kolozsvár (Roumania),
1989. Törökszentmiklós (Hungary),
1990. Hincz Gyula Permanent Exhibition, Small Room Vác (Hungary),
1990. Small Gallery Pécs (Hungary),
1991. Tatabánya (Hungary),
1993. Kecskemét (Hungary)
1998. Kecskemét (Hungary)
2001. Kecskemét (Hungary)
2002. Budapest (Hungary)

My exhibitions in abroad:
1973. Collective Show, Offenbach am Main,
1976. Collective Show, Frankfurt am Main,
1977. MIRO Drawing Contest, Barcelona,
1979. MIRO Drawing Contest, Barcelona,
1983. Collective Show, Moscow,
1983. Collective Show, Cracow, Warsaw,
1985. MIRO Drawing Contest, Barcelona.
1999. Annecy Festival, France

I participated in some co-productions:
- “THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD” (25 minutes) – directed by John Halas – as an assistant director
- “L’OEIL DU LOUD” (THE EYE OF THE WOLF) (26 minutes) – directed by Hoel Caouissin – as the artist of the graphic style and storyboard
- “UN CADEAU POUR CELIM” (SELIM’S PRESENT) – directed by Henri Heidsieck – as the unit director of the pilot film
- “POMME D’ API” part II. – directed by Hoel Caouissin - as an animation director
- “ LENNY UND TWIEK” (LENNY AND TWIEK) (4 minutes) – directed by J.E.P. Production – as an artistic director
- “…LIEBER DACHS” (…DEAR BADGER) (6 minutes) – directed by J.E.P. Production – as a model-sheet designer and artistic director


Court Record. - In Memoriam Péter Mansfeld Screenplay
Court Record. - In Memoriam Péter Mansfeld Director
Court Record. - In Memoriam Péter Mansfeld Animation

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