Amsterdam IDFA


In total, IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam programmes some 200 documentaries, divided among more than ten festival programmes. The festival has three competition programmes:

1. Joris Ivens Competition (films and videos longer than 60 minutes)
2. Silver Wolf Competition (films and videos up to and including 60 minutes)
3. First Appearance (first or second documentaries and graduation projects from film schools)

Apart from these competitions, IDFA presents five regular programme sections, recurring annually, complemented by special sections. These special programmes focus on specific countries, directors and/or themes.

During IDFA, Docs for Sale takes place; a market place where sellers offer creative documentaries to buyers.

Hungarian films at the festival

1997 - Free fall - Private Hungary 10
1997 - The Way (in competition)
2000 - And Now I'm Here (in competition)
2001 - Children - Kosovo 2000
2003 - When Serving Years Go Past
2004 - New Eldorado
2005 - The Life of an Agent
2007 - The Sinking Village (in competition)
2007 - Last Bus Stop (in competition)
2007 - Diary Film, I was 12 in 56 (in competition)
2007 - The Apple of Our Eyes
2008 - Another Planet
2008 - Bahrtalo! (Good Luck!)
2013 - Stream of Love (in competition)
2014 - Drifter -

Best Documentary in the First Appearance Section

(in competition) (winner)
2017 - A Woman Captured (in competition)
2019 - The Euphoria of Being’
2019 - The Euphoria of Being’

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