Annonay International Film Festival


Initiated in 1984 by a group of unpaid film lovers the cinema festival has become, year after year, a major noteworthy cultural event whose reputation has been spreading all over the Rhône-Alpes region. It is now regarded as one of the most important Rhône-Alpes cinema Festivals.

Since 1988 the competition section only consists of first full length feature films. The Festival intends to promote the work of young film-makers from all over the world and to be a convivial meeting-place where every one can exchange ideas and impressions. A Festival is a privileged moment when directors, actors,� meet their public. At Annonay everything is done to make these exchanges as rewarding as possible. All through the Festival guests, organisers and the public are expected to meet on equal terms and straight-forwardness is our common rule.


It is currently made up of six sections :

- The first one concerns �First full-length feature films� which, in order to be selected for competition, must not have been distributed commercially or shown on television in France.
- The second one concerns the first long feature films already distributed in France. These films are non competitive.
- The third one is a panorama around the films of a country.
- The fourth one is a tribute to the movies of a well-known actor or actress, in his (or her) presence.
- The fifth one is a selection of films for a young audience.
- The sixth one is non competitive and it deals with short length feature films.

A well-known film maker is president of the Jury. As to the members of the Jury, all of them are non professional film-lovers selected on candidacy.

Hungarian films at the festival

2006 - Black Brush - Best Original Music: Realistic Crew (in competition) (winner)
2005 - Kontroll - Student Jury's Prize (Le Prix des Lyceens) (in competition) (winner)
1998 - Romani Kris - Gypsy Law (in competition)
1996 - The Wonderous Voyage of Esti Kornél (in competition)
1995 - Children of Iron God (in competition)
1994 - Indian Winter (in competition)

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