Antalya Golden Orange IFF


Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival is the first national film festival organized in Turkey, founded in 1963; this prestigious national event has celebrated and supported the Turkish Film industry through its film competition and annual Golden Orange Award Ceremony.

One other occasion introduced was the Eurasia Film Market in 2005. This year Eurasia Film Market, that is effectively Turkey's first film market, will be held simultaneously with the Golden Orange Film Festival. The Film Market will feature a rendezvous for the international film industry where Antalya will open its doors wide open for project hunters, film producers, investors and story tellers from around the world.

The International Eurasia Film Competition provides a unique meeting point that showcases a mélange of cultures and creative artistic expression of two continents; Europe and Asia and all films entered in this competition must be of European or Asia origin.

The Eurasia Film Competition will feature 10 selected films that have entered the International Eurasia Film Festival. These films will compete in two categories: "Best Film" which will receive 75.000 USD and " Best Director" 25.000 USD. Winners will also be the recipient of the "Golden Orange" statue, a traditional symbol of the festival.

Certain members of the cast as well as producers and directors of each competing film will be present to take part during the International Eurasia Film Festival.

Antalya GOLDEN ORANGEInternational Short Film - Video Contest has been organised to encourage the creations which does not have any chance in commercial and to incite for new film makers who will contribute to national cinema. Spirit of the contest purpose to expose international friendship and universal partnership.

Branches of contest: Dramatic, Documentary, Experimental and Animation.

Hungarian films at the festival

2020 - Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown - Stork Natasa - Best Actress (in competition) (winner)
2018 - The Turin Horse - Tarr Béla - Honorary Award (in competition) (winner)
2016 - The Carer
2015 - Son of Saul
2014 - Mirage
2014 - White God -

Audience Award

(in competition) (winner)
2012 - Aglaya - Turkish Film Critics' Association (SİYAD) Prize (in competition) (winner)
2012 - Aglaya - Turkish Film Critics' Association (SİYAD) Prize (in competition) (winner)
2012 - Aglaya - Best Film Award (in competition) (winner)
2011 - Istanbul (in competition)
2008 - Delta
2007 - The Man from London
2006 - Taxidermia - Pálfi György - Best Director (in competition) (winner)
2005 - Before Dawn
2005 - Johanna (in competition)
2004 - Mobility (in competition)
2004 - Pater-Noster (in competition)
2004 - LAG (in competition)
2004 - Little Apocrypha No.2 (in competition)
2004 - The Fox and the Raven - Best Animation Film,

Public Jury's Prize
(in competition) (winner)
2004 - Who's the Cat? (in competition)
2004 - The Line (in competition)
2004 - I Am Dying Right Now (in competition)
2004 - Gen(i)us Diabolis (in competition)
2004 - Duet (in competition)
2004 - Just the Two of Us (in competition)
2003 - Butterfly
2003 - Nasty Disease
2003 - Wild Imagination - Renoir’s Dreams -

Best Experimental Film

(in competition) (winner)
2003 - The Rubberman (in competition)
2002 - Hypnos (in competition)
2002 - After Rain - Best Drama (in competition) (winner)
2002 - Safari - Best Experimental Film (in competition) (winner)
1999 - Closing Time (in competition)
1999 - Burial of Winter - Best Shortfilm (in competition) (winner)
1999 - Our Stork - Town Council Prize (in competition) (winner)

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