Arras L'Autre Cinema


Internationa Film Festival in France

L'Autre Cinema offers the spectators genuine cinematographic pleasure and hopes to trigger the desire of having a better and keener look at the world we live in. The key-notions for the 8 days of this authentically different festival, which is held in the heart of the beautiful historical city of Arras, have always been : exchanges, discoveries, meetings and a true feeling of unsuperficial get-togetherness. Here, there are no awards and no jury, but one can count on a rich, varied and eclectic selection of films. L'Autre Cinéma is meant to arouse curiosity, trigger comparisons, encourage discovery and the love of cinema. The spectators have the opportunity to discover Europe's new, up-and-coming talents, along with films from around the world, through a program dedicated to premieres and previously unreleased films. L'Autre Cinéma allows the spectator to revisit the history of cinema and to discover its legacies through a significant series of tributes to the greatest directors, thematic cycles, retrospectives and films-concerts. Moreover, the festival is meant to be a privileged meeting and discussion time between the professionals, as well as between the audience and prestigious guests from France, Europe and the world.

Hungarian films at the festival

2006 - White Palms
2008 - Konyec - Audience Award (in competition) (winner)
2009 - Made in Hungaria
2012 - The Exam (in competition)
2013 - Le Grand Cahier (in competition)
2016 - Kills on Wheels - Film Critics Jury Prize (in competition) (winner)
2016 - Kills on Wheels - Young Jury Award (in competition) (winner)
2016 - Kills on Wheels - Audience Award (in competition) (winner)
2018 - Genesis (in competition)
2018 - Sunset

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