Bellinzona Castellinaria International Young People


"Castellinaria - International film festival for youth" is an event destined to the awareness of the cinematography for youth. It is held every year in Bellinzona, capital of the Canton Tessin (Ticino).

Castellinaria wants to encourage the production, the making and the distribution of good quality films for youth. A special attention is paid to the films of artistic, pedagogical and humanitarian qualities with the goal of stimulating the knowledge and the understanding between people and cultures: for this reason special importance is given to the active participation of the entire school institution.

The festival has 3 competitive sections and includes other non-competitive sections.
-The 1st section is COMPETITION 6-15, which have to be longer than 60 minutes, in 35 mm, of recent production, made under the recent cinematographic standards, made for cinemas and for a public up to the age of fifteen.
-The 2nd section is the COMPETITION 16-20, in this section movies must be longer than 60 minutes, in 35 mm, of recent production, made under the modern cinematographic standards and for a public from 16 to 20 years old.
-The 3rd section is the COMPETITION FOR SHORT FEATURE FILM, in this section movies have to be no longer than 30 minutes, of recent production, made preferably on film, and having as subjects children, teenagers or themes of interest to them.
The films to be shown in the 1st section must not have been shown in Switzerland. They can, however, have been presented in other festivals outside Switzerland. This rule is generally not valid for the section 3. lndustrial, advertising and documentary films are not accepted.

Hungarian films at the festival

2002 - Abandoned - "Ambiente e Salute: Qualitá di Vita" Prize (Environment and Quality of Life) (in competition) (winner)
2007 - Iska's Journey (in competition)

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