Belo Horizonte ISFF


The International Short Film Festival of Belo Horizonte consists of the following categories:
Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Fiction

The Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival was created in 1994 by José Zuba Junior. It came on the art scene of the city with the goal of providing the public access to a format not so disseminated, but recognized by its creative, technical and formal potential.

Hungarian films at the festival

2011 - Cold Shower
2008 - With a Little Patience - Best Short Fiction (in competition) (winner)
2007 - Oneheadword Protection (in competition)
2005 - Maestro - Best Screenplay: Géza M. Tóth (in competition) (winner)
2005 - Slitfilm (in competition)
2004 - Who's the Cat? (in competition)
2004 - Little Apocrypha No.2 - Best Sound: Gábor Balázs (in competition) (winner)
2004 - Days that Were Filled with Sense by Fear (in competition)
2003 - After Rain (in competition)
2003 - Grenades (in competition)
2003 - Postsoldier (in competition)
2003 - Psycho-parade - Best International Short Film (in competition) (winner)

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