The PRIX EUROPA is awarded to the best European television and radio programmes with the aim of publicising them throughout Europe and supporting their distribution. Since television and radio are good at overcoming borders, they also bear a responsibility for bringing the nations of Europe together. This also applies to their effective use of the Internet.

PRIX EUROPA's main concern is to promote the trademark ��Made in Europe��. We need the mosaic of programme quality made up by our many cultures � but we also need a vigorous exchange of programmes on our audio-visual market. For all their diversity, the peoples of Europe are relatives in one big family. History has therefore given us two tasks:

- to accept our common destiny and learn solidarity
- to turn a continent of conflict into a continent of good neighbours.

Call for entries 2005
The Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany is calling upon all young talented European film-makers to enter spots of up to one minute in length for the Prix Europa SPOT "My Europe" competition.

We are looking for spots, advertising Europe and transcending national, cultural and language borders. They should communicate a very personal vision of Europe � of Europe as a place of opportunity and change, as a source of hope, confidence and dynamism. 

Participants entering spots should either be training in the media field or have recently completed such training.

The films must be up to one minute long and should rely more on strong images than on long dialogues.

The Prix Europa SPOT will be awarded by a special jury. Deadline for entries is 1 August 2005. Online registration and details on

The award will consist of prize money amounting to ¤6,000, a certificate, the PRIX EUROPA Trophy and the German Foreign Office�s intention to use the prize-winning spot to advertise and promote Europe.
The donor and patron of this prize is the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Hungarian films at the festival

2005 - El Perro Negro - Stories from the Spanish Civil War
2001 - Abandoned - Prix Europe Special (in competition) (winner)
1996 - Bolshe Vita - European Parliament's Special Prize (in competition) (winner)
1996 - Vaska Easoff - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)

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